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She would kick his butt out, would go after his business and financially he would be in a much different position. Good move. But of course i hated her for it as wrong as that is. Your emotions take over in an affair and all rational thinking goes out the window. I know now that she must have gone through hell with him and I do feel bad. I truly hope he tries with her and leaves me alone. Living this life with a spouse that is devoid of love had to be awful for her. I did not have that with my husband.

We get along and he had no clue. It is crazy but I have a good marriage. I think my OM was jealous of the fact that I truly adore my husband even though he knew my passion was for him.

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It also crushed his future dreams of wanting to be with me eventually. I made no bones about the fact that I was never leaving no matter what. It makes me strong to hear the other side of the coin and the damage it caused for you. I am sorry you had to go through this. You know what I told my husband when we were going through this? Its a choice. Soul mates are created. Over time. They are also someone you have a deep connection with on all levels: body, mind and spirit. Caught my wife texting an old friend that in the beginning she told me about and I was ok with because she knows I trust deeply.

Then she started to hide it and I caught her. A month later on our anniversary she out of the blue told me I never have to be paranoid about him ever again.

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Six weeks ago, I cought her in a lie about who she was texting. She tried to say it was our sun and when she knew the gig was up. She told me she loves him and me both the same. How I said? She had two kids prior to us which was a very emotionally and physically abusive.

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He beat her in front of her own kids and cheated on her three times. She finally left him for good with the support of her close friends. I met her at the age of 22and dropped my youth to be there for her amd her beautiful children. Swore from day one knowing what she has been through that I would never dishonor and make her look as fool. Now she did that to her self. I have been an amazing husband and father she says, but she has a lot of shit going on in her head. I have spent the last six weeks remindingnher of how she is my whole world which is weird because she knows it very much already.

Just take it one day a t a time but now she has told our son. So now I give her time and space to figure out my future and the future of our family. She even said when drunk one night a few days ago that she wants her cake and eat it too. No sex, no nothing. But yet she says she loves me the same as ever.

She shows more love to the cats then me. Knowing I did everything right….. Our oldest kids are demanding she cuts the contact immediately. Or there moving out.

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Planing on leaving for a week to show her life with out me around. Hope it wakes her up to see what she has. I know sometimes people need to loose in order to see what they have in front of them. Pray it works!!!! Heart broke. I have really enjoyed everyones comments. It has made me view my situation very differently. You may want to think through why. Were you passionate with the other man because of who he was, or you who you were with him? Sort of silly, I know, but sometimes our expectations drive our results.

Just something to think about. My OM is 20 years younger than my husband. My hub 10 yrs older, my OM 10 years younger. Hate to admit it but besides the newness factor, physical attraction plays a role in the passion area. We are talking about 6 pac abs here vs slight pop belly. Sounds shallow but it is what it is. My husband though looks good for his age and certainly not in bad shape but physically hard to compete with a man 20 years younger.

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He is a better man and I know this in my heart. I just need to accept that I need to give that up to maintain my sanity. I think he was kind to her. There just was nothing between them. In retrospect I think he was trying to justify his cheating to me. Mine was due to medical problems with my husband that took our sex life away. So he wanted me to know he was in a cold marriage. Do I think that is her fault? No and the longer I am away from him the more I think he was a big contributor as well. I think one of the things that bonds you is complaining about your spouses. It is a weird thing. Maybe we were both trying to justify a wrong thing.

It just felt so good and it hurt so much every time we tried to walk away.

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This time I am doing well and no contact was the way to go. No friendship, nothing. I put a stop to it all and I am doing well. My husband cheated with his coworker who is also married but with children. I have read all your responses and I can say I was shocked that some were suggesting the wife is partly to blame because there were problems in the marriage.

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EVERY marriage have problems, it is up to both to make sure they make it work. I am divorcing my husband and he was shocked, it never occurred to him I would walk away. The fact I refuse to let him get away with his error made him respect me. The best chance for the wife to keep the husband is to kick him out of the house and make him realize what he gave up for the OW.

That will drive a wedge in their relationship because he will always look at her and think he lost a good woman because of her. I found out last month that my H was having an affair. He is 36, she is Aug 23 I had a Terrible nightmare that my H was cheating on me. I went into his email and found proof that he WAS. Strange, according to him that night was the first time they had sex. He met her Aug, 17, slept with her Aug, 23, them moved in with her a few days later. I should mention that he started a new job Aug, 1 3 hours away.

So he was staying with a friend during the week, and driving home on the weekends. Yes, the marriage was in bad shape. The weekend after I found out we spoke about the situation. Weeks later he now says, that he is not sure of his feelings for her anymore, that he is still in love with me. That he has always loved me, and that he needs time to make the new me a reality in his mind. That the old memories of him and I are still too strong. That he needs to be sure what path will bring him true happiness. He is having sex with both of us. We have amazing sex now. Even though the pain of knowing he is with someone else during the week is most painful for me.