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If you have a Google account and have enabled your location history to be saved by Google Maps, you can log in to your account on another internet connected device and search through your location history. For best results, narrow the time frame to the exact time between when you last remember having your phone and now.

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You should see the last ping — the last time your cellphone communicated with a cellular tower — to narrow down your phone's whereabouts. This helps discover the location of an active phone, but if your phone is turned off or put into airplane phone, it does not continue to ping. If your iPhone is stolen and the thief has disabled the Find My iPhone app and put the phone on airplane mode before you can track it, you might be able to find your phone using the Dropbox app if you have it installed. Dropbox won't give you the GPS location of your phone, but it can help you identify who stole the phone.

If the thief takes any photos with your phone, Dropbox uploads the images simultaneously to your Dropbox account. It is possible to extract faces, places or landmarks from these images to direct authorities to the person who stole your phone. Many third-party programs and apps exist to help you recover a lost or stolen iPhone by logging in to remotely locate your phone.

iOS 13 Find My App: How to Track Your iPhone or Friends

All are reasonably priced and available via the App Store for iPhones. When trying to track a missing iPhone somewhere nearby, such as in a house or single location, using Apple's built-in Find My iPhone app or other GPS-oriented tracking apps is not always a useful option, particularly if you don't have access to your iCloud account. Instead, there are a few methods to track down your iPhone in close quarters — as long as you have taken the proper pre-emptive measures.

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As long as you have an iPhone that's newer than the iPhone 6s, you can use the Hey Siri feature. Keep in mind, you have to set it up manually ahead of time.

This feature allows you to activate your iPhone with the voice-activated command Hey Siri , followed by a loud activation tone. Besides, we also offer GPS app for iPad.

Part 1. How to Locate Lost iPhone with Find My iPhone

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For more detailed information, read all about each App above. Get the free GPS app for iPhone and protect what belongs to you. For personal or company use. Track from 1 to 50 objects. If prompted, click Allow.

Tap one of the devices. Tap Actions along the bottom. Tap Play Sound.

1. What is Find My iPhone

A sound plays on the missing iOS device. Tap Actions.

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Tap Lost Mode. Tap Turn On Lost Mode. Enter a passcode.

Re-enter the passcode to confirm. Enter a contact number then tap Next. Enter a message to be shown on the lost device's screen then tap Done.