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It's really all about the new Nokia X operating system. User Interface The hardware might be derivative, but the software is all new. We've been dying to get our hands on Nokia's flavour of Android, and we can finally get into more detail than we managed in our quick preview during the Nokia X launch event. As we've already noted, Nokia has certainly put its own stamp on the Android software stack. However, it isn't trying to completely obfuscate what lies beneath. While the lock screen and home screen are totally customised, you'll see evidence of Android nearly everywhere else.

The lock screen shows the time and date as well as recent notifications. The status bar, which shows battery, Wi-Fi, signal strength and other indicators, is also visible. If you have music playing, you'll see the track name and controls instead of the day and date.

Swiping on a notification will take you directly to its app, as it should. The interface seems optimised for weak hardware, and thankfully animations are short and sweet. Swiping to either side of the lock screen brings you to the home screen, which has a passing similarity to the Windows Phone home screen. Nokia has given the X platform its own visual identity while keeping things consistent across products.

Rather than individual tiles, we see clusters of large square icons with no spacing between them. The icons are similar to those used in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. You can tap and hold to rearrange these icons and break the clusters apart, but we like what Nokia has done by colour-coding important apps.

Each one can be enlarged to four times its default size, which seems a bit pointless, since these are not Windows-style live tiles that animate, except the Gallery app which does cycle through thumbnails of saved images. The home screen is one long list, rather than scrollable pages. For some reason, Nokia decided to allow Android-style widgets, but since the home screen and app launcher aren't separate things, these must be mixed in with the app icons.

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So, for instance, you can have a large clock, or a bar of toggle controls for brightness and Wi-Fi, at any random point between app icons. There's also no dock, so important icons such as Phone and Messaging aren't always visible. Swiping either left or right from the home screen will bring up Fastlane, Nokia's hybrid notifications panel and recent events tracker which has been imported from the Asha OS. Here you can see a breadcrumb trail of sorts, with all the apps you've used, notifications, Web history, music controls, and one single shortcut for an app of your choice.

Fastlane has the same hierarchical priority as the home screen, so if you jumped into an app from this view, you'll come back here instead of the home screen when long-pressing the Home button. This is a good time to mention that the Nokia X does not support app multitasking. Apart from music playing in the background while you use other apps, everything shuts down when you long-press the Home button. Even though it shows your recently used apps, Fastlane is not an app switcher. It's also how the Nokia X gets away with a single navigation button.

Tapping once takes you back to whichever screen was open before, so you retrace your steps exactly as they happened, even if that means jumping from app to app. There are no on-screen buttons for going back, not even in the Web browser which conversely means that going forward is not possible at all. You will see buttons for going up in menu hierarchies, which is a hallmark of Android design.

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It can become a bit confusing, but just remember that a long-tap on the Home button will always take you home - or to Fastlane, if that's where you were last. Nokia's keyboard is fairly ordinary, but cramped by today's standards. Each key has at least one alternate symbol, so you can hold it down and slide left or right to select them, if switching to a symbol panel is difficult.

There's also an Edit panel, with buttons for selecting, copying and pasting, and moving the cursor. Fans of Swype style typing will be happy to find an implementation of it is included, and there are plenty of gesture shortcuts, including one to change a selection's capitalisation, changing input languages, and switching between keyboard panels. You can even switch to a handwriting recognition panel, which works one character at a time. There's no dictation feature, but we didn't miss it. Apps Nokia has most of the basics covered, such as a calculator, calendar, alarm clock, email client, browser and music player.

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They're handy, but not all are as capable as we expected. The clock app, for instance, can only do alarms. There's no stopwatch, timer or world clock. The browser, which is just called Nokia Browser 1. Bing is of course the default engine, though switching to Google or Yahoo is as easy as tapping an icon above the keyboard. The email app is more capable, with support for multiple accounts, one-step setup for popular webmail services, and a decent amount of control over settings, though it could do with some UI design improvements. Nokia's Here Maps app includes satellite and terrain visuals, plus traffic and public transport route information in many cities.

The satellite imagery we saw for Mumbai was many years out of date, but at least roads and landmarks were accurately labelled. We were happy with the capabilities on offer, which is a good thing considering Google Maps is not even an option except via the browser. Nokia's other notable app is Mix Radio, a fantastically underrated ad-free streaming service that you can customise based on your tastes. It works by asking you to pick a pre-made mix or create on by entering three artistes.

If you create your own, you'll hear tracks by those three as well as other similar artistes which the app thinks you'll like. You can skip up to six tracks in each mix per hour, and upvote or downvote tracks to help it learn what you like. In our brief testing, we couldn't find an artiste too obscure for Mix Radio, across genres including classical, folk, and even Brit punk.

The search function auto-suggests Indian artistes first, and a wide range of languages and regions are represented. Astro File Manager is pretty useful, but it displays ads unless you pay to unlock a "Pro" version. It can show SD card usage information and includes a task manager and app manager. It also lets you browse shared devices on a home or office network, and can connect to your Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and Facebook accounts so you can swap files and photos between them. Nokia Store Of course the most interesting thing for us was Nokia's Store.

The Nokia X is capable of running Android apps, as we've been told many times, but there's no Google Play storefront. Nokia's Store is crucial in helping users find and install apps, which is what gives the platform its appeal. We found a decent number of options, including local favourites Zomato, Cleartrip, Hike, Flipkart, Cricbuzz, and others.

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It isn't immediately clear if these are Android apps or if they've been optimised for Nokia X, but as long as they work, that fact shouldn't be of any concern to end users. When we tried the Zomato app, for instance, it failed to detect which city we were in; not surprising, considering Google's location services aren't available. However, it did accurately show us restaurants near our actual position. Nokia is doing a decent job of curation, and most of the apps featured on the front page are genuinely useful.

Nokia's way of dealing with this is to make other app stores easily available. Nokia had specifically mentioned the Amazon App Store during its launch event, but there's no sign of it here. You'll have to enable third-party app stores via a security setting, after which you can even sideload APKs on your own. This isn't exactly safe, so you should be careful about where you download Android installation files from. Getting the most out of Android So how much of Android has Nokia really left intact?

For starters, you'll find that most dialog boxes and settings screens look very familiar. Android's battery manager, storage manager, USB mode selector, confirmation dialogs, app permissions prompts, and even home screen widgets are all present and accounted for.

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  • We had to poke around a bit and see whether Nokia had locked things down or whether we could really mess around. Amazingly, Apex Launcher installed perfectly and we were looking at a familiar Android interface within seconds, complete with multiple home screens and a separate app menu.

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    We played around with it for a while, and other than Nokia's default app icons standing out, it seemed to work flawlessly. Again, we had no trouble whatsoever. Of course, we lost access to Nokia's launcher and Fastlane, but switching back to the default was as easy as long-tapping the Home button and choosing it from the standard Android 'Complete Action Using We also installed a bunch of Android apps from the 1Mobile store, including the recently released Microsoft Office, and a variety of games.

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    Performance was limited by the Nokia X's weak internals, but it wasn't terribly bad. The Nokia X thus works well for casual users who would never even think of deep UI customisation, while giving Android fans and tinkerers a lot of power. Nokia's bet seems to have paid off: the platform is already far more capable any new OS could have been if started from scratch. Performance Obviously, we're dealing with a low-end phone here. Animations stutter, and even scrolling isn't quite as smooth as we'd have liked.