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If one camera is not enough to cover the area, you install four of this button camera, and you can view them simultaneously in one frame.

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It can support up to 68 GB of extended memory, and if the memory is full, it can overwrite the old files with new videos. You can get an uninterrupted recording from this small button camera. Runner Up. This small spy button camera is the perfect candidate for the best button camera there is because it is loaded with all the features you are looking for.

It has a resolution at P resolution with the frame rate per second and the lens angle at 85 degrees. This camera has many favorable properties. First, it is very small, and it can be hidden in many inanimate objects. It has a motion detection sensor, which saves you from editing clips that are not useful to you. It also supports memory expansion with a GB micro SD. This small camera has a built-in mAh lithium battery, and charging and operation can be done simultaneously, you can have uninterrupted video recording.

Another great feature is its WiFi connectivity that enables the button camera to give live video feed to your tablet or phone.

You just need to configure and download the app available in both Android and IOS system. Aside from easy camera operation with the motion detection capability, the App is also easy to use and can be downloaded to the device of your choice in a matter of minutes. Another supermini and easy to use the camera. It can be the smallest portable button camera there is with nine different styles of DIY lens buttons.

The lens is about the size of a shirt button, which is why it is very easy to hide and can fit in all kinds of portable objects. This button camera has a P high resolution giving you clear and bright pictures. The camera has a lens angle of 90 degrees, wide enough to cover a large area and ensures better viewing especially during daytime.

The built-in rechargeable Lithium battery of mAh can last up to minutes, and you can record and charge it at the same time. It also supports memory expansion up to GB TF card. Another great feature is its motion detection capability that allows the camera to make a recording or take photos only when it detects motion. All the recorded files can be remotely downloaded using an App allowing you to share the video with your family.

Pin On Button Cam. This covert spy cam looks just like a button but dont be fooled it comes with a p 30 fps camera that weighs only 16 grams and comes with up to minutes of recording time on its 8gb drive. It may look like a piece from a joke shop, but this thing is actually a high-performing button camera.

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Hiding behind a ubiquitous object like the smiley face which has made a comeback into the mainstream. Many people will not suspect that what you have is a sophisticated spy camera.

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It is wearable and disguises itself behind a smiley pin. The built-in lithium battery can make a video of up to minutes. It is easy to operate this spy camera because its features are less complicated than the rest of the button cameras. The camera lens is hidden in one of the black eyes so no one would suspect that you are wearing one.

It also has a loop recording enabling the new recordings to write over the old footages. There are many drawbacks in using this camera: it is not in HD has a low storage space, there is no motion detection, and it lacks the essential features like night vision sensor and motion detection. This innovative hidden spy camera is in a redefined screw shape design that makes it unique and ubiquitous. It is very small and ideal for concealment as it is very compact.

It gives an TVL definition meaning; videos are stable and in clear HD both the pictures and the videos. One of its advantages over the rest of the button camera is its low consumption of energy, which saves you energy and making it safer than any other high-powered electrical appliances. It has many possible applications, the video function gives real-time images, the discrete camera can be placed in the walls or in objects to monitor the surroundings, and it can also be an FPV camera perfect for surveillance in homes and businesses. This camera has many good features as it is discreet, it is cheap, has a low power consumption considering the amount of recording it has to do.

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On the other hand, its major drawback is it does not have the motion sensor technology. It is an analog device, and you can view the images or the video by plugging it in the video input jack. It also functions normally with DC 5V1A and not in anything higher than the prescribed power input. This spy camera will make you the next James Bond. It is a body mounted camera that has a remote control and button-sized easy to camouflage lenses that makes it the ultimate spy kit. This spy camera can record up to 13 hours of video and several hours more if it is an audio only and for photos, it can be up to and more photos.

It is using a 2. In addition, it has an 8 GB of memory that can be expanded up to 64 GB with a mini SD card making sure that all the precious captured images are saved. It has a motion detection technology, with the DVR camera playing only when there is a motion detected in its angle. Since it is small, it can be mounted on a car or any objects or surveillance. As this camera is tiny, it is fragile and must be used only indoors as it is not waterproof. This hidden button camera ticks all the boxes for the qualifications of a good button camera.

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It can record at a resolution of P that can give you crystal clear images. What is even better is that it can record up to 60 FPS but at a lower resolution of p. It is also loaded with Motion Sensor technology that allows capture of continuous footages or you can switch them to this technology to record only when there is a motion detected. The Facam is powered by an external power source that gives the camera portability and good battery life. It can also record while the device is plugged into a wall outlet or any portable power supply making it extremely useful for surveillance work.

It has a loop recording feature that means it overwrites the old files with a new recording when the memory is full. This allows you not to miss a thing on your surveillance. This button camera is from Lawmate technology and is TV lines of high-resolution pinhole camera set that can change its appearance in a matter of seconds using a simple adjustment. It has a color pinhole camera with a threaded lens you can adhere to a button or if you want, may screw head to. This color spy button camera has two different sizes of buttons and another two different screw heads that can be placed stealthily into any environment you can imagine.

You can also sew them on your shirt or jacket while the screw heads can be placed strategically to have stable covert surveillance. If you want the best quality camera, then this button camera is a perfect choice.

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It uses a Sony chipset made with Exview technology, which has a Lux level of. Incredibly, this allows the camera to do video surveillance even in dark conditions. Its threaded pinhole lens offers a wide viewing angle of 80 degrees. The 2. A covert button camera, the Wiseup Button Camera also functions as a security camera equipped with a motion detection function, and when worn with your clothing it is guaranteed that no one will find it. Equipped with a motion detection sensor, it will start recording only it detects motion within its scope.