Can someone spy on your cell phone

If your phone has been handled by someone else, for instance during repairs or for some other reason, a backdoor application could have been installed to piggyback your GPS service or spy software could have been installed on your mobile device. And some of this software is very powerful indeed. There are several tell-tale signs that suggest your phone is being tracked, tapped or monitored in some way. The signs can be quite subtle but when you know what to look out for, they can also be glaring:.

Another indication of a bugged cell phone is reduced battery performance.

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If a mobile phone is tapped it is recording your activities and transmitting them to a third party. This leaves a footprint in the form of increased battery usage and as a result the battery loses life faster. A tapped cell phone can also be constantly recording conversations in the room, even when the phone appears to be idle.

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And of course as a result it will chew through battery life. You can test this by using your battery in another phone of the same model and compare the results. Is your phone using more battery power than a phone of the same model and software? Call and message alerts to one side your phone should be as silent as a sleeping baby when not in use. Does it also reboot for no reason at all? Before a smart phone shuts down it must complete any tasks that are processing.

How to Stop Someone from Spying on My Cell Phone

If your phone is transmitting data to someone it will have to complete the process before it shuts down. As a result if a phone takes longer than usual to turn off especially after a call, text, email or web browsing it could be sending information to a third party. A further indicator of a possible phone tap is the temperature of your battery.

However this is only a potential sign.

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  4. Are you receiving strange text messages containing random numbers, symbols or characters? There are many ways you can quickly check if your phone is being spied on. However, those signs usually go unnoticed as they are quite subtle. You can find such tools by accessing the app directory and looking out for tools that you remember not downloading. If you want to check spying tools on an Android device, go to the Settings and proceed to Applications.

    Secondly, go to Running Services and see what services are currently running.

    If you find any unknown service, Tap it and uninstall it after clearing the cache. Also, check for spying software in the Manage Application screen and follow the same process if you come across any malicious tool.

    Spy on Cell Phone Without Installing Software on Target Phone

    Cell phone spying on an iPhone is not as easy as on an Android-powered device. To install spyware on an iPhone, jailbreaking is necessary. Luckily, getting rid of any spyware or malicious software from your iPhone is relatively easier than Android. You only need to update your iOS, and all your third-party applications will be rendered useless. Use a secure password: Using strong and complex passwords should come as a no-brainer. A good password can not only keep your phone secured but also protected from spying tools being installed. Install security applications: You can find security applications both on Android and iOS that can notify you whenever there is a new application downloaded.

    You can install the app and get instantly notified. Always Use Anti-Malware: Malicious tools like spyware are quite hard to detect and hence remove. Therefore, it is best to use an anti-malware tool. These applications secure your device from any malicious third-party applications, and that also includes spyware apps.

    Use Encryption Tools: Dusan Petricko, a Digital Forensics Manager, suggests that the phone storage should be encrypted to close all the doors for hackers that lead to a privacy breach. AntiSpy Mobile is so sophisticated, in fact, that it can block any NEW spyware that tries to insert itself onto your phone! New ones are being invented all the time. In addition, the AntiSpy Mobile app is able to protect your super-sensitive information — such as banking account numbers, passwords, emails, voicemails, and more!

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