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The Phone Recovery Stick uses the same technology as expensive cell phone forensic tools to capture more data, recover more deleted data, and help users really investigate their mobile device.

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If there is no need to monitor a device, you can unassign a license from it and assign it to another device. The monitored data sent from each device is limited only by the storage time 45 days. When you install a Mobile Monitor Software Agent application on a target device, it starts monitoring all incoming and outgoing calls, even if there was no answer. On the Mobile Monitor Software website, you can view detailed information on each call, which includes the time a call was started, the phone number from which and to which the call was performed, its sender and recipient if it exists in the device address book , its type incoming, outgoing, etc.

When you install a Mobile Monitor Software Agent application on a target device and enable the GPS tracking on it, you can view the history of its movements on the Mobile Monitor Software website.

Besides providing the information on a location and the speed of a device at a certain moment of time, Mobile Monitor Software allows you to download and view the GPS history data on an actual map so that you can see the device movements in a graphical representation. The Mobile Monitor Software service is developed to support all Android OS versions, starting with the very first stable version 2.

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